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Teaching children the correct way

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Teaching children the correct way

Children of 16 and 17 years, “work” more than 15 hours a day  ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα but they do not have secured their future. By work, we mean the work load of reading and studying that children are putting onto their high school years. Even on weekends they are forced to spend about nine hours on readings, languages, gyms, tutoring. They would love to go to university but are afraid that, even if they succeed, the degree does not guarantee work, they will leave it quickly to find work the family needs.

Teachers at school

Let’s take a 16 year old boy for our example. At school he sees teachers doing private lessons for some his classmates. Almost half of his classmates know it and discuss it. He sees people who know how to teach but rarely succeed inspire interest in the lesson while still knowing how to ask for memorization. Is it excessive? See what the weakest students say … Only three –
he has met four remarkable teachers so far. The others had it all requirements and offered little to no attention during their tutoring.

But in fact, teachers are more interested in progress the children make. In tutoring she feels he is learning more from school. Still and the books here are better than the textbooks, which he finds below medium. The tutorial finally trusts him more. The same 8 to his 10 classmates, who go there with him …

Is this the correct educational system?

Do you recognize anyone who thinks that way from the description? Maybe most, since no matter how charming, this is the attitude that has developed in front of his school today the average high school student, such as outlined by a research by the V-PRC Institute on behalf of the “YOUNG”, with individual interviews of 350 Lyceum students from all over the country (excluding islands) in the period October – November 1999.

Attitude of devaluation for the Lyceum, since in all the evaluations but also in comparisons with the tutorial the school loses the battle within the consciences of most students. And a utilitarian view of knowledge, which is mainly due to the need for livelihood.

Young students put their education above money. However most the weak, the financially ill and students in rural areas in particular reason consider that if the university degree does not lead to professional rehabilitation, they would rather not go to University, even if they had opportunity, but find a job. But as long as the family goes up their income so the degree acquires value independent of the market. So it is not surprising that four out of ten students still dream and in 2000, a position in the State. And the professions they prefer are not other than those of the police officer, the military, the doctor and the lawyer.

The difference between tutoring and school lessons

The truth is that the educational system of Greece is not putting the right pressure on to its teachers. This has as a result the fact that students are graduating and are not able to support their studies. I know there is a hold of this situation, is that children do not have their dreams anymore or they need to give up their goals because they did not receive the proper education that they deserve. What is the solution for this problem?

.We cannot set an expect the Greek educational system to change overnight so what we need to do is more intense. The point is that every parent that has a highschooler or a college student should understand that there is a problem with their offspring school. After that, they need to take action. The only thing that you can do to help your child succeed in their studies is to hire a private tutor or have your child go to an study session after school.

Says the best you can do to sure that your child will succeed in the final exams of the final year of high school. It might sound intense and it really is for some students that you need to follow this if your children has a high target.

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