June 30, 2022


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Dryers: New technologies for better care of clothes and tips for better results


Until a few years ago, a clothes dryer was completely forbidden for sensitive fabrics. Thus, the rack was a one-way street to dry e.g. silk or wool. Υδραυλικοί Αθήνας– is here to notify us that modern models, dry fabrics so softly that you can use them fearlessly even for clothes with sensitive fibres.

This is because they employ functions that ensure that all your clothes will come out of the bucket every time, not only soft and fragrant but also without a trace of wear. Even better, many of these features also ensure that the latest “generation” models consume much less, up to 70% than older devices. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

Use of low temperatures

The heat pump, used by most modern dryers, is a typical example of innovation that “marries” the economy with the gentle care of clothes. A dryer with a heat pump “recycles” the hot air coming out of the bucket, so that with a little energy consumption it is again ready to remove even more moisture from the clothes. In this way, the pump dryers “burn” much less current than the models that operate with a heating element and constantly heat “fresh” air, to channel it into the bucket. At the same time, the “recycling” of hot air allows a pump dryer to also operate at lower temperatures. Therefore, drying is done more gently and without the slightest abuse of fabrics. 

Improved bucket design

In order to combine the use of low temperatures with fast-drying, modern dryers have advanced design bins, so that the hot air is diffused from all directions in the bin. Another key “mission” of designing the bucket is to ensure that moisture is evenly removed from the entire surface of the clothes, and therefore that it will dry sharply and the most difficult parts, such as pockets. However, in the same way, it ensures that no area of ​​clothing is exposed to prolonged exposure to hot air, thus ensuring that its fibres are not locally damaged.

Wi-Fi connection

Many dryers can “communicate” with your smartphone, as they have the ability to connect to home Wi-Fi. This feature “opens” many extra features, such as the best care for your wardrobe. So, for example, you will be able to “download” additional programs from the ones that your device had when you bought it, better adapting the drying to some special fabrics of the clothes that you acquired along the way.


Drying sensors

All modern appliances “realize” that the drying has never been completed, so that there is no chance that your wardrobe will ever be subjected to excessive (and unnecessary) heating. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Even better, with the sensors, as a rule, you can choose the degree of drying, choosing e.g. clothes to come out fresh for ironing, or dry for direct storage in the closet. Also, the “perception” of drying saves energy: thanks to the sensors, a dryer “burns” 10-15% less current per cycle, compared to an older model, which completes each program at a predetermined time.

Steam generator

Several modern dryers also allow you to “dilute” the washing of clothes, thus protecting them even more from wear and tear. For this purpose, they have a steam generator, so that your dry clothes can be sprayed with steam. The steam penetrates the fibres of the fabrics and “refreshes” them, thus removing odours or smoke. Therefore, a shirt that you have worn once will come out of the bucket ready to be worn again, soft and fragrant as if it were freshly washed. Even better, the steam relaxes the fibres, “disappearing” the wrinkles.

Protection against creasing

Even if you do not have time to return home until the drying is complete, this does not necessarily mean that your clothes will not wrinkle, even though they will not come out of the bin immediately. For this purpose, several modern dryers have an anti-wrinkle function, rotating the clothes in the bucket for up to 2 hours after the program is completed, so that no wrinkles form.

Tips for better results of your clothes dryer

Homework is admittedly a necessary evil. Certainly, things have been simplified compared to the past, yet our homework is still difficult today. Especially in the winter when the weather is colder, some jobs are even harder. One of them is the laundry.

The laundry basket, unfortunately, does not understand bad weather and is full of crazy rhythms. You’re worried again because you don’t know where to dry your clean clothes. You take them out as soon as you see the sun but this can change very quickly and you may need to pick them up after a while because it suddenly rained. Let’s say it’s early at night, so at sunset, you have to be home to pick them up because otherwise, the afternoon humidity makes them more soaked than you spread them out. In fact, if the area where you live has a lot of fireplaces, your clothes will smell like smoke.

To avoid all this, you are more likely to spread them out at home. If you turn on a or dehumidifier, you have hope that they will dry quickly. Otherwise, you will have to wait a long time for them to dry, while at the same time as soon as you see a little sun you take them out. The solution to your problem is the clothes dryer.

With the dryer, you save a lot of time and effort. The clothes dry quickly, your house stays tidy, the humidity of the space and the iron are reduced. In order to make the most of the convenience of the dryer, you need to use it properly and learn some secrets. So we will help you with some tips.

1.Choose the right program

You did so much market research to get the best dryer and instead your clothes come out fresh. Most likely, you have not found the right program. Carefully read the instructions and do tests to find the right program for you that satisfies you both in time and in terms of drying.

Extra tip! Try putting a dry, clean and fluffy towel in the dryer with your wet clothes. The towel will absorb excess moisture and help your clothes dry faster.

2.Fold them immediately

If you leave the clothes in the dryer for a long time after the drying cycle, and especially if the load of the bucket is large, they can wrinkle. So it would be good to take them out and fold them immediately. This will keep them fluffy and reduce stacks of ironed clothes. Of course, there are also models that, after the program is over, continue to turn the bucket at regular intervals, so that the clothes change position and do not get wrinkles.

Extra Tip! However, because you are a human being and obligations run, sometimes the clothes will certainly stay in the dryer for hours. Don’t panic if you see them somewhat crumpled. There is a way to save it. Put a clean but damp, well-drained towel in the bucket and let it work for 10-15 minutes. Then take them out immediately. Your clothes will be ready for graduation.

It may seem strange, but the ice cubes work wonders in the dryer. You can put them in the bucket, program the device at a moderate to high temperature for 10-15 minutes and take them out immediately. Your clothes will be almost crumpled and ready for your drawers. In other words, ice cubes work like a wet towel.


3.Place tennis balls in the bucket for less crumpled clothes

Take 1-2 clean tennis balls and throw them in your dryer. This trick has a triple benefit. All linens, towels and pillowcases come out fluffy and soft, clothes have fewer wrinkles and drying is faster, as long as the dryer is not too full.

4.Aluminium foil balls shorten the drying time

Make two to three balls of aluminium foil the size of a fist and throw them in the dryerThis reduces static electricity on the surface of the clothes and the clothes dry faster.

5.Shake off the clothes you take out of the washing machine

As soon as you take your clothes out of the washing machine, try to shake them and stretch them just before you put them in the dryer. It may sound like a boring process, but it provides you with clothes with fewer wrinkles, faster drying and minimal ironing.

6.Clean the dryer filter

Always after each use of the dryer, fluff is collected in the filter. So be sure to clean it after each use because the accumulation of fluff in the filter increases the drying time and power consumption.Every three months or depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, the heat exchanger-filter located at the bottom of the appliance must be cleaned.

7.Follow the instructions

The modern driers do not destroy clothes if you choose the appropriate program depending on the type of fabric. It’s also a good idea not to put delicate clothes like silk in the dryer and follow the washing instructions on the labels. If any clothing prevents you from putting it in the dryer, follow the instructions and do not cause your luck. The dryer marking is depicted with a circle inside a square. If this is deleted, then the garment is not allowed to enter the dryer.

We hope our tips have helped you, the results you will have to justify your purchase and enjoy to the fullest all the benefits that the dryer offers you.

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